Foam Cutting & Slitting

Kayfoam’s capability in foam conversion is second to none. Using the latest automated cutting technology, Kayfoam is specifically set up to supply a wide rage of industries markets.

• CAD Automated vertical, contoured and horizontal cutting equipment
• Peeled foam products for both quilting and lamination
• Numerous foam fabrication alternatives
• Fully integrated design capabilities

Our state of the art equipment is able to process blocks and sheets of flexible foam and sponge, both open and closed cell and manufacture sheets of the required thickness. Open cell materials held in stock for slitting include polyurethane, acoustic and filter foams. Closed cell materials processed are typically polyethylene foams, and expanded neoprene/nitrile sponges. We specialise in the supply of flame retardant materials including those meeting Class "O" flammability specifications.

Further machinery is available to permit additional processes such as grinding, chamfering and angular cutting to be undertaken involving these materials.

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